What is SuperKeen.ai ?

SuperKeen is a GenAI writing assistant that drafts relevant, personalized LinkedIn connection requests and InMails.

SuperKeen automatically highlights shared experiences such as mutual connections, places you've both worked, shared educational institutions, locations, and interests to create deeply personalized outreaches that perform better.

How do I get started?

1. Download the Superkeen Chrome extension.
2. Create an account either with your Google account or an email / password.
3. Click 'Sync' in the SuperKeen Chrome extension. This captures you LinkedIn profile information including educational history, work history, city, and mutual connections which is used to help draft more personalized messages.
4. Navigate to the person you'd like to connect to or send an InMail to and click a template in the SuperKeen plugin.
5. SuperKeen will populate your connection request / InMail.
6. You can optionally re-generate a message by tapping the regenerate icon next to a template or by clicking on a template.

Note: We're still working on adding support for LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter.

How does SuperKeen use my data?

Your data is only used to craft personalized messages for you.

It is not sold, nor provided to any third party, and is only used to provide the service to you (such as for user analytics / debugging purposes).

What use cases are supported?

SuperKeen has templates which customize message for:

Sales Prospecting: Outreach to potential customers to schedule discovery calls

Hiring: Send personalized outreach to prospective job candidates asking them to apply or speak about an opportunity you’re hiring for

Finding a job: Reaching out to hiring managers, or those with the ‘hiring’ badge to inquire about opportunities

Asking for feedback: Reach out to relevant industry professionals for their feedback or insight

How much is SuperKeen?

SuperKeen is free for up to 30 generated messages per month. If you need more than that, let us know and we can increase your limit for nominal fee.

Does SuperKeen work for connection requests too?

Yes, it does. It will draft shorter messages (to fit in LinkedIn's 300 characters) for connection requests, whereas InMail drafts will be longer.

How can I help SuperKeen better personalize messages?

Click the SuperKeen extension then 'Settings' (Or right click on the extension icon and click 'Options').

Fill out the 'about me' and 'about my company' sections to give SuperKeen info about you, your company, your product, and your hobbies which it will use to draft more relevant messages.

Will the people I send messages to, know I’m using SuperKeen?

No, we don't add any messaging / branding to the generated messages. And of course, you see every drafted message before you decide to send it!

Why don’t I see the templates?

Make sure you are on the LinkedIn profile of a connected or unconnected (2nd degree, 3rd degree, etc.) connection and then click the icon with the dog on the right (the SuperKeen logo).
You will see the templates once you open a message window or a connection request note.

Can I edit a message, InMail, or connection request before sending?

Yes, just edit directly in the text box within LinkedIn that SuperKeen has populated.

Can I generate messages on multiple message windows?

Yes, Superkeen supports multiple message windows and multiple tabs. If you have more than one message window open, make sure you click on the textarea of the message window you want to populate the message in, before clicking on a Superkeen template.

Can I generate messages in different languages?

Yes, Superkeen supports multiple languages. You can generate messages in Spanish, French, Japanese, German and Chinese (Simplified). To change the language:

- Open a message window or connection request note
- Select the preferred language from the language dropdown on the Superkeen extension.
- Click on the preferred template.
- You will receive a message generated from the selected language.

Why did you build SuperKeen?

We got tired of spending time researching and writing messages for each interesting person we came across on LinkedIn, and so built it as a tool for ourselves.

When we mentioned it to friends they asked to use it as well and so we packaged it up as a plugin for the Chrome store to make it avilable to more people.

Something isn’t working right.

We can help. Email us with the issue you're having (and include screenshots) to support@superkeen.ai